IBOgaine aftercare: The Crucial Time of Transformation

The completion of an ibogaine session marks a pivotal moment in the individual's life. Although the psychedelic effects will likely have subsided, in many ways the transformative period is just beginning. As ibogaine will now have metabolized into noribogaine, the long-lasting healing effects on the patient's body and mind will persist for months. The level of success achieved completely depends upon the environment in which the patient enters after their session. For this reason, following up ibogaine treatment with an aftercare plan is vital to a successful recovery. The chance of never relapsing after ibogaine treatment reach 85-90% if the recipient attends an appropriate aftercare. The only aftercare program available in the United States exclusively for ibogaine treatment recipients is Holistic House located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Holistic House is setting a new precedent in the recovery process from addictions of all types by providing a unique approach to treatment that is based on the individual's needs. At Holistic House we understand that addiction can have several different root causes and that a successful recovery requires a customized plan for each individual case of addiction. Holistic House is equipped with a staff fully prepared to assist in the ibogaine transformation as most of them have experienced ibogaine personally. Having the foresight needed to help one navigate through this amazing journey, Holistic House is committed to integrating new and healthy practices with a number of innovative activities that facilitate the integration of a new lifestyle without substances. Holistic House recognizes the importance of a healthy diet in recovering from addiction and provides a fully stocked kitchen and pantry with nutritional food and snacks available to all clients at all times. In addition, the vast array of amenities include cutting edge, rapid detox methods and other activities that instill new strategies and coping mechanisms that prepare clients for returning home and any of the anxiety or stress that everyday life might present to them.

These include, but are not limited to:

Daily access to a world class gym complex · Cryogenic therapy · Kambo therapy · Various Types of Meditation · Different Types of Yoga · Boxing Lessons · Drum Circles · Weekly Group Therapy · Gourmet Meals · Qi/Chi Gong · Hiking · Optional Sports and Recreation Activities · Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks · Vitamin Boosters and Access to Holistic Supplements and Vitamin Tablets · Reiki Sessions · Ketamine Infusion Therapy is Available for Clients with Depression

A true recovery with ibogaine would not be possible if the patient is not given time to reflect, relax, and rest. There are many different options available to clients for crafting their own recovery plan as well. Holistic House is not an institution or medical facility. It is a community-based environment that provides the tools needed for embracing the life-changing effects that ibogaine brings about. Holistic House aims to ensure that each individual returns home feeling reinvigorated and better than ever.

Clients often depart new friends that shared the same experience which is essential to recovery. Ibogaine therapy lays a new foundation for life and Holistic House gives patients the materials to build a lifestyle structure that they never knew was possible. Ibogaine is the master medicine for addiction and Holistic House are the masters of incorporating this medicine into success.